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How to Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Paradise

Is your bedroom a sleep paradise? It’s something that many don’t consider when arranging and setting up their room, but it’s crucial. When it comes to sleep, some assume all that's necessary is a bed, a pillow, and a blanket, but if you continuously feel groggy during the day and need four cups of coffee just to make it to lunchtime, it's time for some changes.


Along with going to bed around the same time every night (including weekends) to ensure you’re sleeping for 7-9 hours a night, other factors in your bedroom can significantly impact your sleep quality. If improving your sleep fitness is a goal for you, or you're just tired of feeling exhausted during the day, follow these tips to make your bedroom a sleeper’s paradise.

Your Bed Is an Investment

In life, there are some things that you can afford to skimp on—your bed isn't one of them. You'll spend nearly one-third of your life in bed, so if you are willing to spring for leather seats in your car where you only spend an hour or two a day, why not invest in a premium mattress?

Over the last few years, mattresses have come a long way and sleepers around the world are experiencing the difference that a new, high-quality mattress can make. Look for one made with premium materials and advanced comfort features like a cooling bed function that regulates your body temperature as you sleep.

Sheets Matter

Along with a premium mattress, the sheets and other bedding on your bed can impact your sleep fitness. If you're using old, low thread count sheets or have too many blankets and pillows, for example, you could overheat during the night and experience dreaded night sweats. Upgrade to 100% organic cotton sheets that are incredibly soft and cool to the touch so you can sleep more soundly and more comfortably all night long.

Power Down

These days, screens and electronic devices can seem inescapable, with many of us scrolling social media before we check out for the night. The problem is that the harsh blue lights emanating from smartphones, computers, and TVs aren’t doing our natural circadian rhythms any favors.

To combat this in your new sleep paradise, create a spot away from your bed dedicated for your device(s) at the end of the night. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid screens entirely a few hours before bedtime, but when that’s not possible, having them out of reach when you’re in bed at the very least will prevent any late-night scrolling that could hinder sleep patterns.

Have the Tools You Need

Along with a cooling mattress, there are a few more bedroom accessories you can try to help get a better night’s sleep. A pair of blue wave glasses can block out blue light waves from your work computer or smartphone at night to fight against the circadian rhythm-disrupting light waves. A cooling pillow will also help you sleep more comfortably with the "cool side of the pillow" feeling all night long. And a durable foundation will give your bed an excellent base to rest upon. Last, you should always employ a dependable mattress protector that’s waterproof so your mattress stays fresh and clean.

To get better sleep, your goal should be to treat every night as you treat a workout. Make sure that you have the right tools and that you’re using time wisely, so you can power down before bed and get the rest you need. By following these steps and sleeping on a premium mattress you’re sure to improve your sleep fitness and notice a difference in your daily life.

About Eight

Eight is an innovative company dedicated to improving the sleep fitness of people around the world one night at a time. They offer advanced sleep fitness tools like their smart bed with cooling technology to ensure you sleep cool throughout the night so you can wake up recharged, refreshed, and ready for the day. Using cutting-edge technology, biometrics, and sleep data from people across the world, Eight’s line of products is ready to help you improve and reach your sleep fitness goals.

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Can’t Go a Full Night Without Waking Up? Here’s Why + Easy Fixes

Getting a full night’s sleep is essential for people across the world. Without it, you'll start to experience adverse effects in your daily life—and trying to repay your sleep debt on the weekends isn't a viable solution. Waking up in the middle of the night with night sweats, to use the bathroom, or just to stare at the ceiling when we can’t fall back asleep are problems that impact many of us. But why do you keep waking up during the night—and is there a solution to fix the problem? Let's take a closer look as some common sleep issues and ways to improve your sleep fitness.


Why Do You Keep Waking Up?

There are many reasons that people jolt awake in the middle of the night, including:

Stress and Anxiety

Having trouble sleeping is a common symptom of anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic. If you know that you have anxiety, this likely isn’t news to you. But even mild forms of anxiety, certain degrees of stress, or having something worrying you can have you tossing and turning throughout the night.

Sleeping Environment

Although getting a good night's sleep might seem as simple as having a bed, a pillow, and a snuggly blanket, your sleeping environment can play a tremendous role in the quality of your nightly rest. If your bedroom is too hot, too cold, too noisy, or too bright, staying asleep throughout the night can be a challenge.

Alcohol Consumption Before bed

Having a nightcap isn’t all too uncommon, but it can significantly impact your sleep fitness. Even though it might seem like alcohol can help you drift off to sleep, it’s more typically associated with stage one sleep, where it’s easier to awaken because of environmental factors.

Uncomfortable Bedding

If you've slept on an older mattress for quite some time or you just have never gotten used to your bed, you can probably sense that it may be impacting the quality of your sleep. There are many more reasons that can interrupt your beauty rest, but these are among the most common. Now that we've identified some problems, here are some tips to help fix them—and finally reclaim your full night's worth of restful sleep.

How to Fix It

If your sleeping environment is the issue, adjusting your thermostat is the best first step. Experts recommend sleeping in an ambient temperature of 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. If your room situation doesn’t afford that or you want to go the extra mile to ensure quality sleep, investing in a cooling mattress that absorbs and dissipates ambient heat will help you sleep more soundly.

If the morning sun seeps into your room or street lights outside your window keep you awake, look into blackout curtains also. Regarding alcohol consumption, everyone processes it differently, but if you find that you can't sleep after a nightcap, adjust your habits and allow at least three hours after the last beverage for optimal sleep.

Finally, if your bed is just uncomfortable, the only way to effectively and ultimately fix the problem is to invest in a better, smarter mattress. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment, especially when you consider the amount of time you’ll spend in bed throughout your life, as well as the impact a great (or poor) night’s rest has on your well-being. Optimally, you should choose a bed that includes innovative smart features so you can track your sleep over time and take steps to improve your sleep fitness.

About Eight

Eight is an innovative company dedicated to improving the sleep fitness of people around the world one night at a time. They offer advanced sleep fitness tools like their smart mattress with cooling technology to ensure you sleep cool throughout the night so you can wake up recharged, refreshed, and ready for the day. Using cutting-edge technology, biometrics, and sleep data from people across the world, Eight’s line of products is ready to help you improve and reach your sleep fitness goals.

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Tools to Help Improve Your Sleep Fitness

If you’re like many people—especially at the start of a new year—you do everything you can to be as healthy as possible. You sweat away hours every week in the gym and watch your diet to make sure that you're physically fit.

But have you ever considered your sleep fitness?

Sleep fitness is essential, and if you're not getting enough sleep or the quality of your sleep is poor, you'll experience the effects during waking hours. To help you improve your sleep fitness, here are some essential items to consider picking up.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

It's no secret that staring at computer and smartphone screens all day isn't exactly beneficial. Even so, with demanding careers and busy lifestyles, abandoning these screens entirely often isn’t a viable option. Unfortunately, because light exposure is a natural trigger that tells our brain to wake up, exposure to blue light waves can throw off the body's natural circadian rhythm. To combat this, blue light blocking glasses can protect your eyes from harmful bluelight waves so your body can maintain its natural circadian rhythm.

Dimmable Lights

Bright light is excellent during the day when you need to be alert, but once it's time to wind down for the night, it can hinder your body's natural ability to drift to sleep. Fortunately, installing dimmable lights in your home is now easier than ever before. Beyond installing a dimming switch, there are smart light bulbs that you can connect to via Bluetooth that can serve as a convenient and easy way to dim the lights. Some even have the option to color shift the light when it's time to get ready for bed.

Blackout Curtains

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of light pollution from streetlights or cars, or work an alternative schedule, you might find that the light outside your window can keep you awake at night. Blackout curtains do precisely as the name implies—they blackout any light from the outside. These simple curtains can keep the light from the outside out of your room, creating the perfect dark environment for restful sleep.

Cooling Pillow

If you’ve ever woken up with night sweats, you'll know how unpleasant it can be and how hard it is to fall back asleep. Overheating at night can be one of the leading causes of night sweats, and chances are your bed, pillows, or sheets could be trapping in heat. In a hot bedroom, there’s nothing much better than experiencing the “cool side of the pillow” feeling. Fortunately, there are cooling pillows on the market that can help you experience this throughout the night. Seek out one that incorporates breathable layers to help encourage airflow, and that utilizes a cooling fabric such as nylon.

Premium Mattress

The most important element to improving your sleep fitness is to sleep on a mattress that provides the support your body needs to rest comfortably and recover from the stress of the day. If you feel like your current bed is lacking, thanks to modern technology, you have more options than ever before. For example, a smart mattress with built-in sleep fitness trackers can show you your breathing patterns, tosses and turns, and more data about your sleep so you can make changes to optimize your sleep fitness every night.

Adjustable Mattress Base

When paired with your premium mattress, an adjustable base will help you find the perfect position for optimal sleep. Whether you struggle with snoring, circulation, or just can’t get comfortable at night, an adjustable base with multiple positions will help you find the perfect sleep position to minimize your sleep problems and help you take your sleep fitness to the next level.

About Eight

Eight is a company committed to improving the sleep fitness levels of people around the world with their innovative smart bed and other sleep essentials. They consistently leverage innovation, scientific data, and biometrics from sleepers around the world to create products that will help you sleep more restfully every night. The sleep fitness company offers a variety of sleep accessories including pillows, sheets, blue wave glasses, and more, and uses advanced digital technology to help you track (and improve) your sleep over time.

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The Benefits of a Cool Sleeping Environment

Waking up with night sweats is one of the worst feelings. Although there are a variety of factors that can cause them, one significant reason is sleeping in an overly warm environment. Apart from the dreaded night sweats, sleeping in a hot environment can have a host of other adverse effects that can impact your daily life—especially if being too warm is keeping you from experiencing a good night’s rest on a regular basis. Experiencing a cooling sleep environment is optimal for most people. That said, let’s take a look at the benefits of sleeping cool along with some ways to improve your sleeping environment.


Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

If you want to become more fit, improving your sleep fitness is an excellent step. Sleeping in a cooler environment can increase the level of “good fat,” more specifically known as brown fat, in your body. With this good fat, your body will burn more calories and improve your metabolic health, which helps with weight loss while also helping to reduce your risk of various metabolic diseases.

Raise Your Melatonin Levels

Melatonin, the natural hormone that helps you drift into a peaceful sleep, sometimes needs support. One of the most effective ways to support your melatonin levels without any supplements or medication is by triggering production through sleep-inducing stimulates. Besides dimming the lights and avoiding smart phone, TV, and computer screens, lowering the thermostat can help too. With improved melatonin production, you can achieve more restful sleep. If you can’t avoid screens late at night, consider utilizing glasses made to block the blue light waves so you can do what you need to while still getting your rest.

Fight Against Insomnia

One of the core factors behind insomnia is sleeping in a hot bed. If you’ve ever tried to sleep in an overly warm environment, then you’re more than familiar with the struggle to fall (and stay) asleep. Warm temperatures, unlike cooler temperatures, can jolt the body awake where cooler temps will allow your body to drift into sleep gently. By reducing the temperature and normalizing, or regulating, your internal temp, falling asleep is easier, and you'll have better chances of staying asleep throughout the night.

Tips to Sleep Cooler

Adjust Your Sleeping Environment

The most evident way to sleep cooler is by lowering the thermostat in your home. The general recommendation is to keep your bedroom temperature in the 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit range. Beyond that, you can turn on a ceiling fan to help circulate air during the night and keep your bedroom cooler, and opening a window can also help create a cross-breeze at night and encourage airflow. During the day, keep your blinds or drapes closed to insulate your room from excess heat buildup during the day.

Reassess Your Bedding and Mattress

In addition, investing in a smart bed that can help you optimize your sleep fitness and better understand your sleeping habits can help ensure you rest soundly through the night. You’ll also want to reassess your bedding and make sure you’re using 100% organic cotton sheets with a thread count around 300 so your bedding is both soft and breathable. Take a look at your mattress protector as well, as they’re not all created equal. A dependable waterproof protector will help protect your smart mattress from liquids and bacteria—just make sure it’s made with a soft fabric such as Tencel so that it allows for air to pass through for a cool sleep. Last, seek out a pillow with cooling properties such as breathable layers for airflow and a fabric that will help promote a cooling environment, such as nylon.

About Eight

Eight is a company committed to improving the sleep fitness of people around the world with their innovative smart mattress and other sleep essentials. They consistently leverage innovation, scientific data, and biometrics from sleepers around the world to create products that will help you sleep more restfully every night. The sleep fitness company offers a variety of sleep accessories including pillows, sheets, blue wave glasses, and more, and uses advanced digital technology to help you track (and improve) your sleep over time.

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Improve Your Sleep Fitness with These Tips

With a new year right upon us, you're probably ready to kickoff a new workout routine or pick back up the one you started last year. As you assess what you want to achieve in 2019, have you considered what your sleep fitness is? While the results of improving your sleep fitness might not be quite the same as being able to run farther or lift heavier weights, the health benefits of getting better sleep speak for themselves.


Whether you wake up with night sweats and need to adjust your environment so you have a bedroom that’s cooling throughout the night, or you just need to determine a reasonable bedtime, here are some tips to help make you a healthier sleeper.

Get Into a Routine and Stick to It

Just as you would find a workout routine that maximizes the time you spend in the gym, you should create a sleep schedule that enhances your sleep fitness and performance. You should make sure that you set aside enough time for sleeping, around seven to nine hours, every night and not an hour more or less. You should also limit how much your sleep schedule fluctuates during the weekend to keep your body’s circadian rhythm on schedule. Consider investing in a smart bed that offers innovative sleep tracking technologies to help you get the proper amount of rest every night.

Keep Your Cool

Studies show that the ideal temperature to keep your bedroom should be around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. While you shouldn't be shivering when trying to fall asleep, this ideal temperature zone will help keep you asleep throughout the night without waking up with night sweats. If you are regularly overheating when sleeping, you should consider making some changes to improve your sleeping conditions, such as reassessing your bedding or lowering the thermostat so you experience a cool environment and sleep soundly through the night instead of overheating.

Turn Off the Screens

It's no secret that staring at computer, TV, and phone screens isn't exactly helpful right before we go to bed. Even so, in the digital age where we work on computers all day for many jobs and face the harsh light of a smart phone screen throughout the rest of the day, it can feel impossible to escape these brightly-lit LED and LCD screens. Staring at lights before bed won't help your body ease into sleep mode and can be detrimental to your sleep fitness.

Consequently, you should limit your screen time in the hours leading up to bedtime and choose to read a book or do something else relaxing to help your body naturally and more efficiently wind down for a good night's rest. And, if screens can’t be avoided right before bed, look into glasses that will help block blue light waves, such as The Blue Wave Glasses from Eight, so you can get a better night’s sleep and still do what you need to.

Invest in a Smarter Mattress

More times than not, the mattress you sleep on and your pillows and sheets could be holding you back from achieving your sleep fitness goals. You should feel like your bed is the most comfortable place in the world for you, and if it’s not, you have plenty of options to choose from for a new mattress and accessories. Specifically, to optimize your sleep fitness you’d be wise to invest in a smart bed that tracks and monitors your sleep metrics such as breathing patterns and which levels of sleep you reach every night. The best smart mattress will work with a companion app to then suggest ideas to help you get better night’s rest.

About Eight

Eight’s innovative sleep fitness approach has led them to deliver high-tech products designed to help you sleep better and more comfortably. Their advanced tech products, including their smart mattress, help customers know exactly how well they’re sleeping and how to improve their sleep fitness through useful metrics and suggestions. They partner with scientific advisors throughout product development to develop real sleep solutions that help people enjoy a better night’s rest every night.

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Why Being Sleep Fit Is Crucial for Your Health

For many people, exercising regularly and eating healthy is essential to their day-to-day life. Without a morning workout or if they fall off the broccoli wagon for a couple of days, they feel like they aren't quite themselves. Physical fitness and nutrition are hugely important, but although you wake up early to conquer the treadmill, have you considered how your sleep habits could be affecting you? With increasingly hectic schedules in the modern career world, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night can seem like an impossible challenge while balancing work and social life. And we’ve all felt the impact of nights where we’ve gotten too little or just the right amount of sleep. Let's discuss a few reasons why you should consider improving your sleep fitness levels.



Better Sleep Means Faster Recovery

When you spend an hour in the gym every day and then eight hours at work at your standing desk, you’re inevitably used to the feeling of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. DOMS is caused by extensive exercise and is that stiff and sore feeling you have for the next day after a hard workout. While there isn't a precise "cure" for the condition per se, if you want to speed up the process, getting a better night's sleep is a good start. That's because while you’re sleeping, your body lowers its energy consumption and releases natural growth hormones to stimulate muscle recovery and regeneration.

So, if you consistently wake up with night sweats or go to bed late every night, it could be negatively impacting your physical fitness, meaning it's time to make some changes. If night sweats are what ails you, then find a way to sleep cooler at night, whether it’s lowering the thermostat, assessing your bedding, or whatever else is needed to ensure a cooling sleep environment.

Better Sleep Leads to Improved Performance

Although you might not be a professional athlete or have dreams of playing sports on the world stage, your athletic performance in the gym, on the trail, or on the court during pick-up games of basketball is still important. As such, it’s worth noting that sleep is a crucial component to the success of professional athletes because it helps improve their concentration, mood, and performance. In one study, researchers found that by increasing the duration of sleep that college basketball players received, they saw significant improvements in speed, accuracy, reaction times, and mental well-being. So, even if making a buzzer-beating jump shot to win the game isn’t a part of your career path, with improved cognitive and physical performance, improving your sleep fitness could help you achieve more in your daily life.

Better Sleep Can Boost Your Immune System

Is there anything worse than taking a forced sick day or trying to make it through the work week with a nagging cold? Your immune system is the first line of defense against viruses like the common cold, and when it's not at its best, nagging colds can become a winter-long annoyance. In one study, researchers gave study participants nasal drops with the common cold virus. At the end of the study, they found that those who slept eight hours or more were almost three times less likely to develop a cold than the participants who slept less than seven hours a night. Better sleep can have a lot of benefits, you just need to develop the habits and find the products that help you experience it every night, so you sleep soundly rather than be woken up by night sweats.

About Eight

Eight isn’t your ordinary smart mattress company. Eight is an innovative sleep fitness company dedicated to developing and producing innovative products that help people around the world sleep better and feel better. They partner with scientific advisors throughout product development to create real sleep solutions that help people enjoy a better night’s sleep every night. Eight offers mattresses designed for every type of sleeper, featuring cutting-edge sleep tracking and temperature control.

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